Change is good.

I recently joined the SITS Girls for their 31 Days To Build A Better Blog challenge. I gotta tell ya, it’s rockin’ my world. I could go on and on about it, but that’s not the point today. The point is, based on what I’ve learned so far, I’m going to be changing direction. Not a u-turn, just a slight veer to the right. Still, I’m kind of a crazy driver so hold on.

My niche

I started out writing about the challenges of a new business. Then I realized that if you want to know how to start your own company you’ll google Donald Trump. Clearly he can offer lots of advice.

So what makes my game more fun? I’m doing all this with peanut butter on my sleeve, laundry on the floor, and kids yelling, “what’s for dinner?” In short, my niche is the work-at-home-mom community. Those super-women who try every day to balance their family and their entrepreneurial dreams. (Please don’t confuse this with a mommy blog. It’s not. I don’t have anything against them, it’s just not what I write. ) So to whet your appetite, here are some of the blogs I’ve found most helpful as I steer this machine . Enjoy.

A WAHM from New York offers her perspective along with tons of tips and resources. Also includes a Mom Owned Business Directory.

Natalie at Moxie Tonic teaches you how to rev up your email marketing.

Everything for Etsy shop owners including free Etsy banners and a section dedicated to “Running Your Etsy Business”.

An in-depth site with info on everything from date nights to community services to babysitting co-ops. 

My face

I’m talking about the look of my blog and my website. And I don’t plan to be just another pretty face. I’ll be improving the form and the function. It should make it a lot easier for you to click around and find exactly what you need.

My community

I have to admit, I heard this word tossed around the blogosphere a lot and thought it was a bunch of hoo-haw. I stand corrected. The people I have “met”, including the awesome SITS Girls, truly are a supportive, helpful community. So soon you’ll be seeing a lot more interaction with other bloggers, including guest posts, links, and badges.

That’s all for now. I would love to write more but dinner is burning and my husband says he doesn’t have any clean manties for tomorrow. Business as usual.