10 random things about me

I’m new to the blog world and thought this would be the easiest way for you to learn a little more about me. If you would rather chat over scones and coffee, I’m available Thursday mornings, blueberry is my favorite, and I prefer decaf.

1. I don’t like wine.
I’ve tried. I really have. It seems so grown up and sophisticated but I don’t like the taste. And it gives me a headache every time. I prefer vodka with tonic. Or with cranberry juice. Or with Cheerios. I like vodka.

2. I grew up on a farm. Cows, chickens, pigs, tractors, combines . . . the whole thing.

3. I like cats and have two living in my home. This is a little embarrassing. Where I grew up cats belonged in the barn, never in the house.

4. I struggle with panic attacks. It’s a long story. Maybe another day.

5. I think I have fat knees.

6. I have the coolest initials ever: AZ.

7. I’m addicted to garage sales/trash-to-treasure projects. I’m sure you’ll be seeing some of them soon.

8. I used to teach aerobics at the YMCA.

9. I use an e-reader. I resisted as long as I could but it’s just so convenient. I still read real books, too.

10. I love, love, love to make people laugh.

Now it’s your turn. Tell me something about yourself. Seriously, if we’re going to keep meeting like this we should get to know each other better.


A collection of bizzare bags.

Browsing the web this week I found a number of purses and handbags that were . . . well, unique – some more than others. These are a few of the standouts. Have you seen some doosies online too? Or do you have one hiding in the back of your closet, next to a mint-green bridesmaid dress?  Share them with me. I promise not to judge.

Lemon or banana? Either way, it's fruity.

You know I'm gonna say it. I have to. There's something fishy about this one.

I can't find a thing in my closet go with this. If you can, I wanna see it.

Can I push ctrl+z if I make a wrong turn or say something embarrassing?