My Story – Chapter 1

My new addiction to Twitter leads me to inspirational blogs every day and over time I’ve realized, I have a story to tell too. The most obvious starting point is the start of my business, Purseonals. So here’s Chapter 1. Enjoy.

A few years ago my oldest daughter and I fashioned a purse-shaped thank you card out of construction paper and glue. It was small and sticky but the concept, and its potential, were stuck in my head. I planned to cut out a bunch of these new inventions, sell them until Target or Hallmark offered to buy me out, and then . . . whatever happens next in an amazing success story like this.

I did make a bunch of cards. And I did sell some. To my mom.

Plan B: Wholesale. Start local and work my way up. I’ll be honest, my efforts at this were . . . well, pitiful. I was totally intimidated by the idea of pitching my product to shop owners and I’m sure it showed. Despite that, four of them said “yes”, and put Purseonals on their shelves. Out of the four, two went out of business, one never reordered, and one is still an active client. It wasn’t the start I had dreamed of but at least it was a step in the right direction.

Then came the opportunity I had been waiting for. My (only) client offered to rep my cards at a wholesale trade show in Chicago. Suh-weet! I worked my tail off and emptied my bank account getting ready. Finally, the big show arrived and . . . nothing. For four days. Literally zero sales.

That, my friends, is what you call a “crushing blow to the ego”.

I spent the following months desperately searching for my big girl panties. I’m happy to report that I found them and, slowly but surely, pulled them up. Which brings me to today. I have a new plan that’s centered around being true to myself and the things I know. Some of this new-found confidence came from supportive friends and family and a lot of it came from the truly inspiring people I’ve met online. Visit their blogs and remember to check back and see where this new path leads. Whether you’re learning along with me or sending me advice I would love to hear from you.


It started with pet artist Adriana Willsie, specifically her guest blog on Make Under My Life

That led me to Jess Constable,, an amazing jewelry designer and writer. I especially love this blog post

Wenderly had a story so similar to mine that just reading her bio made me feel like I could be successful.

And I can’t forget Kendi Lea who I actually discovered at Her writing makes me want to call her up and invite her over for coffee and scones.


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